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    ITIL® Practitioner Guidance publication and PDF formats – now available!

    // Feb 8th, 2016

    *** Sounds Klaxon *** The sparkly ITIL® Practitioner Guidance publication and PDF formats are now available! If you’re planning on sitting the new ITIL® Practitioner course and exam; you can now get some pre reading in. You can check out the official press release from ITIL towers below or you can order the books directly […]

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    Change vs Release Management

    // Feb 2nd, 2016

    One of the things that I got asked about most as a consultant was about what the difference was between Change and Release Management. It should be simple right? We’ve had 3.5 versions of ITIL, the itSMF, even special interest groups dedicated to Service Transition yet there is near universal confusion at the sharp end about WHAT […]

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    Webinar Module 2: Release Management – 25th February 2016

    // Feb 2nd, 2016

    This is the 2nd module in the series of the Enterprise Service Management training course covering an introduction to Release Management. This webinar will be presented live by Vawns Murphy at 2pm GMT on 25th February 2016. If you missed the live session or enrolled late… No problem, all sessions are recorded for future playback. Learning Objectives […]

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    Using Lean Sigma In The Real World

    // Jan 29th, 2016

    Ahead of Pink 16 I caught up with Troy DuMoulin, VP for Research & Development at Pink Elephant about Lean Sigma. We’ve already chatted about Change Management but I couldn’t resist asking Troy about his planned sessions on Lean as well. Lean Sigma For those of you who are going “Lean what?” Lean Sigma is […]

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    How to assess Changes

    // Jan 29th, 2016

    One of the things that I wish was covered in more detail during the ITIL intermediate training is how to properly impact assess Changes. Change Managers are the guardians of the production environment so making sure that all changes are properly assessed and sanity checked is a key part of service delivery. Asses too low […]

  • Pink Elephant

    Optimising Change Management For Speed

    // Jan 22nd, 2016

    I was lucky enough to talk to ex colleague and all round ITSM rock star Troy DuMoulin ahead of next month’s Pink16 conference in Vegas. Troy has a number of sessions at the conference but one that caught my eye (because I’m a total Change Management geek) was his take on optimising Change Management for […]



Surviving the end of a Change Freeze

// Jan 4th, 2016
Happy New Year to all our readers and especially to all the Change Managers out there. Why especially Change Managers? Well this week is “back to work” week for most people following the... 
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Tesco: every little (extra IT management) helps

// Jun 29th, 2015
Business process company xMatters has announced a partnership with Tesco’s Technology division to help update its communications platform for managing IT incidents. Tesco: first store... 
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Podcast Episode 11 – Structured Problem Analysis

// Apr 23rd, 2015
In Episode 11 of The ITSM Review podcast Rebecca Beach discusses structured problem analysis and problem solving methodologies with guests Simon Morris and Tobias Nyberg. Topics include: Strategic... 
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Agile SIAM

// Jan 8th, 2016
Following his fantastic presentation at the itSMF Ireland conference; Dave Van Herpen has written a follow up article for us on Agile SIAM: In my daily practice I rarely encounter an organisation... 
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ITAM and ITSM Integration Group Test – The Results

// Jan 11th, 2016
Six tools offering ITAM and ITSM from around the globe This Group Test explores the relationship between the IT management disciplines of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management... 
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