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How predictive analytics have turned Incident Management on its head

// Apr 26th, 2016
Predictive analytics is set to turn the world of IT service management, and in particular Incident Management, on its head. After all, it has already done this for IT Capacity Planning, where... 
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Tesco: every little (extra IT management) helps

// Jun 29th, 2015
Business process company xMatters has announced a partnership with Tesco’s Technology division to help update its communications platform for managing IT incidents. Tesco: first store... 
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Podcast: Helsinki to Las Vegas in the service revolution

// May 17th, 2016
I was lucky enough to speak to Chris Pope, senior director of strategy at ServiceNow, ahead of Knowledge 16, ServiceNow ’s flagship event in Las Vegas. Chris talked about the future of ITSM,... 
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Two Speed Transition – Agile vs. Traditional

// Feb 17th, 2016
The service transition SIG presented an interactive session at the itSMF conference in November to discuss modern innovative and traditional approaches to Service Transition. The conference session... 
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Incident Management Group Test 2016 – The Results

// Feb 15th, 2016
This group test is a review of software products and vendors in the ‘Incident Management’ market area. Our remit was to explore how toolsets can support and optimise the Incident Management... 
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