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  • CCR

    Change, Configuration and Release Review – The results (2014)

    // Jun 12th, 2014

    This is a competitive review of software vendors who offer Change, Configuration and Release capabilities as part of their IT service management (ITSM) solution. Products reviewed: Axios Cherwell ITinvolve TOPdesk Change, Configuration and Release 2014 Best in Class ITinvolve has taken huge strides in the ITSM arena with Service Manager by embracing the adage “knowledge [...]


    Knowledge14, steal like an artist

    // May 19th, 2014

    In this article, I hope to capture my thoughts and experiences from Knowledge14, the ServiceNow annual conference. See an early preview from the first day here [Live from Knowledge14 – ServiceNow preview Kanban visual tasks boards] Steal like an artist Fred Luddy, CPO and Founder of ServiceNow, quoted Steve Jobs during his keynote: “Good artists [...]

  • ss4

    Technology Review: Solarwinds Web Help Desk (WHD) V 12.1

    // Apr 3rd, 2014

    This is an independent review of Solarwinds Web Help Desk, reviewed in March 2014. AT A GLANCE A global leader in the market of service automation software and remote management SolarWinds mission is to provide purpose-built products designed to make IT professional’s jobs easier. This review takes a look at the core capabilities, the route [...]

  • Robert (Bob) Stambaugh, Manager, IT Service and Asset Management at Domtar, South Carolina, USA

    Case Study: Domtar decimate ITSM tool configuration costs with codeless

    // Feb 13th, 2014

    One of the first articles we published on the ITSM Review back in 2011 described the market shift from consulting-heavy customized ITSM projects to the simplicity of ‘configure it yourself’ SaaS based offerings, and in particular the significant change in cost structure (‘The ITSM Pricing Ouch-o-meter). Agile ITSM Once upon a time the ability of [...]

  • Integrations-Number-of-Customers

    Integrations 2013 Group Test – The Results

    // Nov 29th, 2013

    This is a competitive review of software products and vendors who offer integrations to other technologies and data sources. Products reviewed: Absolute Software BDNA Bomgar Cherwell EasyVista LANDesk ManageEngine Matrix42 Nexthink ServiceNow Download Review (Free PDF, No Registration Required – 605kb, 12 Pages) Integrations 2013 Best in Class BDNA. It is a concept so simple [...]

  • Runners, riders, market share and market focus for the ITSM Tools market

    The 2014 ITSM Tools Universe

    // Nov 21st, 2013

    Please note that we are no longer accepting entries to be part of this report. Today we kick off our 2014 ITSM Tools Universe research in which we will be looking at the multitude of tools out there that claim to help with the management of Information Technology Services; from one function tools through to [...]