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Crossover Podcast: Episode 7 – ITSM versus ITAM

Episode 7 is the first in a series of crossover podcasts between The ITSM Review and The ITAM Review. Co-hosted by analysts Rebecca Beach and David Foxen, ITSM versus ITAM includes guests from each side of the divide: Rory Canavan (SAM Charter) Vawns Murphy Guest (Virgin Media) Agenda: Why are ITSM and ITAM so separate? Why Asset Management is so important to ITSM ITSM Solutions…Do they really... 

itSMF Estonia Conference 2014 Review

Held in the Swissotel in beautiful Tallinn, the 9th annual itSMF Estonia conference once again proved that you don’t need an over abundance of content, you just need the content to be top rate. Here are Greg Baylis-Hall and Ian Connelly with a video roundup of events. Greg and Ian are service management practitioners for Legal and Insurance services and members of the BCS Service... 

Change Management: Responding to a Crisis

Keep Calm… One of the things that isn’t covered as much as it should be is how to respond to a crisis directly linked to Change activity. This is one of those things where despite your Change process, despite your sparkly toolset and fab policies & work instructions, something has gone pear-shaped on a massive scale and you’re staring down the barrel of a Change Management related crisis. Here... 

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