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Martin Thompson

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Hello and thank you for visiting the ITSM Review. My name is Martin Thompson and I write the ITSM Review to provide an independent, unbiased view of the ITSM market.

The ITSM Review began in August 2011 so that anyone in the ITSM industry could share their expertise, feedback and opinion of the technology, services and practices in the market for the benefit of others.


The ITSM Review is an online community for worldwide ITSM professionals. My mission is to provide independent industry news, reviews, resources and networking opportunities to Vendors, Partners, Consultants and End Users working in IT Service Management.

An Online Magazine, Forum and Networking Platform for ITSM Professionals

The ITSM Review is a sister publication to The ITAM Review, a site I setup in 2008. 

As with the IT Asset Management market, my hope is that practical implementation experience can be shared amongst peers. Whilst there appears to be plenty of information regarding best practice frameworks and ‘what to do’, there is a severe shortage of information on ‘how to do it’.

Why the ITSM Review?

  • I have a genuine interest in the market and technology
  • I think there is significant overlap between ITAM and ITSM which are not commonly realized
  • There is significant overlap between vendors

I see ITAM and ITSM like the sales and marketing departments. They have different priorities, different paradigms and talk different languages but ultimately they need to get along.

ITAM can bring ITSM accountability, visibility and accuracy. ITSM can bring ITAM process, efficiency and making ITAM a strategic business-as-usual function with kudos rather than a reactive ancillary project.

Learning ITSM from Scratch

I don’t claim to be an expert at ITSM (I prefer the term ‘enthusiast‘ 🙂 ) but I am very curious about the technology and the overlaps and opportunities for further integration with ITAM. I look forward to learning the market from the ground up.

Get Involved

I believe everyone in the ITSM market should have their voice heard – from the one-man band consultant to the largest software companies in the world. The ITSM Review wants to hear from all ITSM practitioners from all countries and backgrounds; we want to hear about updates from newest of start-ups to the oldest of industry stalwarts.

Contributions are free and most welcome. It’s a simple trade; your expertise in exchange for raising your profile among ITSM Review readers. The only thing I ask is that it’s not a sales pitch for your products and services  – let your expertise do the talking!

  • Not ‘thou shalt drink from the coffee cup’ but ‘how to pour coffee without burning yourself or spilling it on your leg’
  • Not ‘thou shalt implement Incident Management’ but ‘Where do I get started?’


  • All contributions are free
  • The single editorial guideline: No sales pitches.
  • How to do it over what to do.
  • Everyone has a voice

The goal is to provide a free, impartial and independent forum for industry professionals to rate and review tools and services and share advice and techniques. Allowing readers to make informed decisions on their ITSM investments and strategy.

This site is 100% privately owned, vendor and service provider independent and impartial. The site is supported by product reviews and  my private consulting work.


I first started working within the IT Asset Management field in 2000 selling audit and inventory products and services.
Prior to setting up the ITAM Review and ITSM Review I held Channel Sales, Direct Sales and Business Development roles with software vendors and consulting companies including CA, Centennial Software and FrontRange Solutions.

When not running The ITAM Review and The ITSM Review I can usually be found looking after my young family, fiddling with the Internet, exploring the Wiltshire countryside, drinking too much filter coffee and listening to endless progressive trance.

For full details please see my LinkedIn profile.

[Last Updated August 2011]

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