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2013 Incident and Problem Tools Review

Tools Reviewed: Axios assyst BMC FootPrints Cherwell Service Management Nexthink TOPdesk Download Review (Free PDF, No Registration Required – 601kb, 7 Pages) INTRODUCTION Incident and Problem Management are such mainstays of an ITSM tool, it is quite hard to find a way to dig through the differentiators. The process and the related workflows themselves are so seemingly straight forward, are... 

2012 Request Fulfilment Group Test – The Results

In a previous article I looked at what ITIL 2011 had added to the Request Fulfilment process and some of the pitfalls we may have seen with implementation in the past. This technology review looks at what this means, in practical terms, when approaching Request Fulfilment – what should we be looking for? Our goal is to highlight the key strengths, competitive differentiators and innovation in... 

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