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Industry News Roundup Incl IT4IT Forum Launch

No time to read all the interesting news and info floating around social media and appearing in your inbox? Read our news roundup of what we’ve found interesting this week. Why Shell, BP & PwC Teamed Up To Launch Platform-Neutral IT4IT Forum – Archana Venkatraman at Computer Weekly reports that Shell, BP and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), along with IT suppliers Microsoft, IBM and HP, have... 

Do Your Metrics Tell a Story?

Do your service management metrics tell a story? No? No wonder nobody reads them. Do your #metrics tell a story? No? No wonder nobody reads them. #ITSM #ITIL #CIO — Dan Kane (@hazyitsm) July 30, 2013 That was a tweet I sent a few weeks ago, and it’s had some resonance. I know that during my practitioner days, I missed many opportunities to tell a compelling story. I wanted everyone else... 

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