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Change Management: Responding to a Crisis

Keep Calm… One of the things that isn’t covered as much as it should be is how to respond to a crisis directly linked to Change activity. This is one of those things where despite your Change process, despite your sparkly toolset and fab policies & work instructions, something has gone pear-shaped on a massive scale and you’re staring down the barrel of a Change Management related crisis. Here... 

Guardian News & Media: "Our SLA is to ensure the paper is published"

Guardian News & Media Guardian News & Media (GNM) publishes, the third largest English-speaking newspaper website in the world. Since launching its US and Australia digital editions in 2011 and 2013 respectively, traffic from outside of the UK now represents over two-thirds of the GNM’s total digital audience. In the UK, GNM publishes the Guardian newspaper six days a... 

Back to basics: Why your change fell at the first hurdle

“If you don’t give us this information, we’ll make bad decisions which ultimately expose the business to unnecessary risk due to operational instability or sacrifice our responsiveness to changing business demands.” Hands up if, as a change manager, you’ve seen some truly horrendous change requests? Changes so mangled and broken that their only conceivable purpose could be to serve... 

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