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CSI puts the ‘taste’ back in Service Management

Francois Biccard This article has been contributed by Francois Biccard, Support Manager. We have all probably heard the slogan ”Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it”. In my observation that probably rings true for many organisations when it relates to a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) plan or strategy. The more an organisation grows, the more it becomes an... 

ITSM Metrics: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Common sense tells us we ought to choose a select few ITSM metrics which clearly demonstrate value. But what happens if we outgrow our original metrics? Or the goalposts change? Or we acquire 15 different companies? Similarly, once we have completed the basics and want to start exploring continual service improvement – Do we start all over again?... 

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