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A mature process doesn't necessarily meet customer needs. A quick guide to Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Dave O’Reardon (Left) itSMF Australia Innovation of the Year award winner, and Aprill Allen (Right) – @knowledgebird Many IT leaders are already familiar with the kinds of surveys the common support tools send out on ticket closure. But, it turns out, we may not be going about it the best way. This year’s winner of itSMF Australia’s Innovation of the Year was Dave O’Reardon. Dave... 

Atlassian tops table for customer satisfaction, 17 tools ranked by customers at #SITS15

The ITSM Review team recently attended the ITSM trade show SITS15 to collect customer reviews of ITSM tools for our new sister site: TOOLS ADVISOR. We wanted to know how SITS15 visitors rated their ITSM tools: How did they rate the tool? is it good value for money? Are the support team responsive, did tool buyers receive a good level of support? How satisfied were they with the product and how likely... 

Ranking ITSM tools by customer satisfaction

We are introducing a new directory for ITSM tools called Tools Advisor. The aim is to build a definitive industry directory of ITSM tools in one place to help prospective buyers with tool selection. We’ve begun our directory with a review of 14 different ITSM tools. See Write a review Do you agree with our rankings? As well as our own independent reviews of tools, we also... 

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