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Knowledge14, steal like an artist

In this article, I hope to capture my thoughts and experiences from Knowledge14, the ServiceNow annual conference. See an early preview from the first day here [Live from Knowledge14 – ServiceNow preview Kanban visual tasks boards] Steal like an artist Fred Luddy, CPO and Founder of ServiceNow, quoted Steve Jobs during his keynote: “Good artists copy, great artists steal” ~ Steve Jobs Fred was... 

The $6BN Gorilla

One of my personal indicators gauging the success of an enterprise software vendor in a market is the ‘grumble factor’. This is an anecdotal measure that says – you can usually tell who is doing well in a market by the volume of other vendors grumbling about them. Successful vendors in the ascendancy are often accused of being ‘aggressive’, ‘discounting all over the place’ and ‘killing... 

The Chips Are Down at Know 13, Vegas

There is something so unique about visiting Las Vegas – Home to ServiceNow’s Knowledge13 this year Quite apart from the breath-taking scenery as you fly in (we’ll forget about the nerve racking sprint through Chicago and making the connecting flight literally with minutes to spare for now), it is like a whole other world. And that also goes for the resort complex – held in the Aria complex,... 

Product Group Tests

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