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University of Exeter Students Choose Twitter for IT Support

Given the choice, University of Exeter Students Opted to Receive IT Support Updates via Twitter The itSMF held their UK South West & South Wales Regional meeting at the University of Exeter this week. The theme of the day was processes and toolsets with a big emphasis on member interaction and discussion. In a nutshell: A good day. Recommended. Two presentations really stood out for me during... 

Twelve IT Helpdesks For Under $1,000

Say What You See ITSM folklore states that the helpdesk software market is heavily oversaturated. Companies don’t suddenly discover the need for an IT helpdesk – it is a replacement market. That may be the case for large enterprises, but this overlooks the enormous market of small and growing businesses. In the UK for example the Federation of Small Businesses claims that 99% of UK business activity... 

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