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2013 Incident and Problem Tools Review

Tools Reviewed: Axios assyst BMC FootPrints Cherwell Service Management Nexthink TOPdesk Download Review (Free PDF, No Registration Required – 601kb, 7 Pages) INTRODUCTION Incident and Problem Management are such mainstays of an ITSM tool, it is quite hard to find a way to dig through the differentiators. The process and the related workflows themselves are so seemingly straight forward, are... 

Coming Soon: Axios, BMC, Cherwell, NetSupport, TOPdesk & Nexthink Slog it out

Axios, BMC, Cherwell, NetSupport, TOPdesk & Nexthink slog it out for our Incident and Problem Management review Axios, BMC, Cherwell, NetSupport, TOPdesk and Nexthink are confirmed participants for our upcoming ‘Incident and Problem Management’ review. Our assessment Criteria at a Glance: Logging & Categorization Tracking Lifecycle Tracking Prioritisation Escalations Major Incidents and... 

Assessment Criteria for Incident and Problem Management

We will soon begin our review of Incident and Problem Management offerings in the ITSM market place. As with our previous comparison of REQUEST FULFILMENT – Our goal is to highlight the key strengths, competitive differentiators and innovation in the industry. During Request Fulfilment our original aim was to look at how the tool supported the process, but refreshingly vendors who participated... 

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