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SERVICE DESK 2.0 -The Service Desk is dead…long live the Service Desk!

Service Desk 2.0: More about services, products and capabilities, less about incidents and fixes. We all know the world of IT is developing at a frightening pace. Has Service Management been left in the dust? I recently corresponded with Aale Roos,  ITSM Consultant and founder at Pohjoisviitta Oy, who argues that the old perception of the Service Desk has to be replaced with a new way of thinking. Q.... 

7 Benefits of Using a Known Error Database (KEDB)

KEDB - a repository that describes all of the conditions in your IT systems that might result in an incident for your customers. I was wondering – do you have a Known Error Database? And are you getting the maximum value out of it? The concept of a KEDB is interesting to me because it is easy to see how it benefits end users. Also because it is dynamic and constantly updated. Most of all because... 

Planning for Major Incidents

Do regular processes go out of the window during a Major Incident? Recently I’ve been working on Incident Management, and specifically on Major Incident planning. During my time in IT Operations I saw teams handle Major Incidents in a number of different ways. I actually found that in some cases all process and procedure went out of the window during a Major Incident, which has a horrible irony... 

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