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The Internet of Things, Big Data and ITSM

Science fiction becoming science fact I have noticed recently during my travels with EasyVista, that Hotel staff have begun to offer two or three WIFI codes on check-in, in recognition of the fact that we are all carrying multiple devices. Like sheep and rats, devices connected to the Internet outnumber humans. The number of objects connected to the Internet actually surpassed humans back in 2008.... 

Rapportive – Adding Social Context to Email

The Rapportive Panel within Gmail Strictly speaking, this technology is probably best described as ‘Social CRM’ rather than ‘ITSM’ but it’s a great example of pulling social feeds into a web service. In a nutshell – you get a social summary of the person you are emailing. The more information and context I have about my customer, user, reader, business partner – the better service... 

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