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Mobile: the new frontier for self-service

Artificial Intelligence on the service desk [Holly from RedDwarf]Google searches performed on a mobile device outstripped desktop searches (in certain territories), according to figures released last week. That’s an important milestone in the meteoric use of mobile. Of course, the searches refer to global use of Google, including consumers searching for the nearest pizza joint, and are not necessarily... 

The Chips Are Down at Know 13, Vegas

There is something so unique about visiting Las Vegas – Home to ServiceNow’s Knowledge13 this year Quite apart from the breath-taking scenery as you fly in (we’ll forget about the nerve racking sprint through Chicago and making the connecting flight literally with minutes to spare for now), it is like a whole other world. And that also goes for the resort complex – held in the Aria complex,... 

MyIT and first date syndrome

Demos well, will customers go for the second date? I sat in on a presentation of MyIT from BMC at SITS13 recently. In a nutshell, it aims to provide IT self service via a consumer oriented app. Being an App, it can take advantage of identity and location to provide a very relevant IT service experience. ‘Log an incident’, filling in ITSM oriented forms and generic intranet messages about... 

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