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IT Maturity: Chasing rainbows?

It is surprising just how many organisations do NOT monitor their IT maturity. Where are we? Is it going up, or down? In fact an even more basic question is: exactly what is IT Maturity and is it an integer, percentage, score or grade? It’s difficult to put a finger on what it looks like, and what the final output ‘Score’ is.  It reminds me of the famous book and film ‘The Hitchhiker’s... 

"A new way of thinking is required for ITSM" says Andy White (Video)

This interview was filmed at the Pink Elephant Conference and features Andy White, General Manager and Executive Vice President at EasyVista discussing what he sees as the current challenges in ITSM, along with the need to think about your customers’ customers. In Summary In addition, Andy also talks about: Driving innovation How to improve IT maturity A need to improve the ITSM platforms... 

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