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Free, the new normal

Arvind ParthibanSr.Marketing Manager – ITSM, ManageEngine “Why pay for helpdesk?” A new inflection point was reached in the service desk technology market space this week. A free service desk. Whilst free and open source ITSM technology has been available for quite a while – this is the first supplier I’ve seen to offer a free service desk without limitation on number of analysts... 

Do you clog your social media channels with useless crap?

True value or ego massage? ’64 % of the people sharing information from others to others did it to get attention, show friendship, show they have inside information, show humour…’ Do you care what you share or clog your social media channels with useless crap? In this article Tobias Nyberg explores why people share at all. Sharing and caring Is there a way to tell if what I’m sharing... 

Stepping Out of The Shadows to Contribute

"Where do I find the answers to my boss’ stupid questions?" I’m a newbie when it comes to IT Service Management. Haven’t been around long and don’t have a great deal of experience in this area. As many of us inexperienced but eager people do, I read blogs, discussion forums, Twitter streams, LinkedIn groups and try to absorb as much valuable information as possible. And it’s marvelous... 

Product Group Tests

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