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Lather, rinse and repeat your process

Lather, Rinse and Repeat (LRR). Straightforward instructions. Hard to mess up. Or is it? If you follow these instructions, when do you stop? The phrase has come to be indicative of two things; a) a way of pointing out instructions, if taken literally, would never end (or would continue at least until you run out of shampoo), or b) “a sarcastic metaphor for following instructions without... 

I'm not saying my opinion is better than yours, but I do have a klout score over 60

Learning to play nicely This article has been contributed by Chris Dancy of ServiceNow. Introduction There are 30 million reasons to care about your Klout, but for now, don’t.  In the future (36-48 months) something like a klout score could determine your position. If your name is not on this list please connect with Martin. The names are an arbitrary list of names of people using twitter who speak... 

Vendor Booths at Conferences Need a Shakedown

Time for a new model? I was lucky enough to attend the first day of the ITSMF conference in London yesterday. Having spent most of the day in the exhibitor lounge I can’t really comment on the speakers and content, but the whole event was very well organized and it seemed to have a great atmosphere, great networking and great people. I have previously attended this event as a vendor so it was interesting... 

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