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"A new way of thinking is required for ITSM" says Andy White (Video)

This interview was filmed at the Pink Elephant Conference and features Andy White, General Manager and Executive Vice President at EasyVista┬ádiscussing what he sees as the current challenges in ITSM, along with the need to think about your customers’ customers. In Summary In addition, Andy also talks about: Driving innovation How to improve IT maturity A need to improve the ITSM platforms... 

Assessment Criteria: Outside IT Product Review

In March of this year, we will be kicking off our product review dedicated to “Outside IT”, which will take a look at the use of ITSM technology outside the IT department. Overview The aim of this review is to showcase best of breed ITSM software in use outside the IT department, highlight key competitive differentiators and provide readers of The ITSM Review with impartial market intelligence... 

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