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ITSM Industry News Roundup – incl The CEO Who's Never Fired Anyone

No time to read all the interesting info and news floating around social media and appearing in your inbox? Read our round up of what we’ve found interesting this week. Karen’s Conversations #4 – Karen Ferris talks to Paul Wallis and Fergus Cloughley the creators of OBASHI and Claire Agutter from IT Training Zone Ltd about the difference between CMDB and OBASHI, training and data flows. Watch... 

What exactly is "OBASHI"?

OBASHI has nothing to do with President Obama! A year ago, asking the question “what is OBASHI®?” might have got you some interesting answers.  A sneeze, a martial art, and rather brilliantly ‘OBAMA bashing’ are all suggestions we’ve had. In the last 12 months, however, I’ve seen a turnaround. OBASHI is getting recognised for what it is – a simple, easy to adopt methodology that maps... 

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