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Podcast Episode 11 – Structured Problem Analysis

In Episode 11 of The ITSM Review podcast Rebecca Beach discusses structured problem analysis and problem solving methodologies with guests Simon Morris and Tobias Nyberg. Topics include: Strategic activity Kepner Tregoe Slack time and overload Bias/challenging assumptions Maturity barriers Playing the blame game Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll Books mentioned and further reading/information: The New... 

Assessment Criteria: Proactive Problem Management Product Review

In August of this year, we will be kicking off our product review dedicated to “Proactive Problem Management”,┬áthe use of ITSM technology that enables organizations to practice proactive or pre-emptive problem management. Which vendor will win when it comes to proactive problem management? Overview The aim of this review is to showcase best of breed ITSM software in use outside the IT... 

A structured approach to problem solving

Those who have worked in IT Operations have a strong affinity with the skills of problem solving and troubleshooting. Although a huge amount of effort is taken to improve resiliency and redundancy of IT systems the ability to quickly diagnose the root cause of problems has never been more important and relevant. IT Service Management has gone a long way towards making practices standardised and repeatable.... 

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