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ITSM14 Preview: Tobias Nyberg, Bring Me Problems Not Solutions

Tobias Nyberg of Svenska Handelsbanken and itSMF Sweden In the run up this year’s itSMF UK conference ITSM14, I chatted with Tobias Nyberg about his upcoming session entitled “Bring me problems – not solutions”. Q. Hi Tobias, can you give a quick intro to your session at the itSMF UK Conference? The presentation will address the essence of problems and show why the ways we look at problems... 

Process Owner, Process Manager or Process Engineer

While they might appear much the same at first glance, these roles are actually very different Many times people who are just getting started with ITIL (or broader speaking ITSM) stumble over what the differences are between a Process Owner and Process Manager and, to a lesser extent, a Process Engineer. These are different roles, with different skill sets and expectations but there are some overlaps.... 

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