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ITIL Roles – Which Roles Can Be Filled By One Person?

Neven Zitek, SPAN Just by looking at the sheer number of ITIL functions and roles may leave you wondering – how do you fit a limited number of IT staff into so many roles? It’s obvious that one person will act in several roles, but how do you optimally combine them? Of course, it all depends on the size of your organization, and which ITIL processes that you’ve implemented, but none of that changes... 

Process Owner, Process Manager or Process Engineer

While they might appear much the same at first glance, these roles are actually very different Many times people who are just getting started with ITIL (or broader speaking ITSM) stumble over what the differences are between a Process Owner and Process Manager and, to a lesser extent, a Process Engineer. These are different roles, with different skill sets and expectations but there are some overlaps.... 

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