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ITSM: Making a big splash in SAM

The following article forms part of a larger publication looking to understand the merits of best-practice as they pertain to Software Asset Management. Like any IT discipline, SAM does not exist in isolation, and can benefit greatly from the data typically deemed resident in Service Management. As ever, your feedback in the comments section below would be welcomed. Software Support & Maintenance... 

Crossover Podcast: Episode 7 – ITSM versus ITAM

Episode 7 is the first in a series of crossover podcasts between The ITSM Review and The ITAM Review. Co-hosted by analysts Rebecca Beach and David Foxen, ITSM versus ITAM includes guests from each side of the divide: Rory Canavan (SAM Charter) Vawns Murphy Guest (Virgin Media) Agenda: Why are ITSM and ITAM so separate? Why Asset Management is so important to ITSM ITSM Solutions…Do they really... 

ITSM thoughts from the world of Software Asset Management

Pondering the worlds of ITSM and SAM Do you ever stop to think about the higher business goals that ITSM seeks to achieve? Or perhaps the boundaries between ITSM and ITAM? I was recently at the SITS14 event at Earls Court, and it was fascinating to hear so many tool vendors state that they did “asset management”. However, when I asked them where they loaded the contracts and purchase orders into... 

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