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Barclay Rae: The Service Desk Inspector

Barclay Rae, The Service Desk Inspector ITSM Industry stalwart Barclay Rae has been working with SDI to produce some short, digestible video clips sharing news, rants and opinion on all things service management. Barclay’s latest feature is the “Service Desk Inspector” whereby Barclay visits real organizations and offers his advice: ‚ÄúProgrammes will follow real organizations as... 

Review: SDI Software Solutions Day

Image from @SDIrob I attended the SDI Software Solutions Day at the British Library last week. In a nutshell, it was vendor beauty parade for interested buyers. Six ITSM vendors presented an overview of their company to a room full of SDI members. SDI members had the opportunity to engage with the vendors directly and network with their peers. I think this is a great format. It was crystal clear that... 

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