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The Internet of Things, Big Data and ITSM

Science fiction becoming science fact I have noticed recently during my travels with EasyVista, that Hotel staff have begun to offer two or three WIFI codes on check-in, in recognition of the fact that we are all carrying multiple devices. Like sheep and rats, devices connected to the Internet outnumber humans. The number of objects connected to the Internet actually surpassed humans back in 2008.... 

Why the CIO won't go the same way as the VP of Electricity

CIO, Dead as a… ? Commoditisation is, without doubt, a massive and revolutionary trend in IT. In just a handful of years, a huge range of industrialised, cost-effective solutions have created rapid change, so much so that some commentators now predict the end of the corporate IT department altogether. Info-Tech Research Group’s June 2013 article highlights a comparison made by some, between today’s... 

Product Group Tests

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