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Start your ITSM improvement journey now (with a little help from your friends at AXELOS)

Yesterday, AXELOS launched a brand new competition aimed at helping IT professionals kick-start and/or revive their ITSM initiatives. With the help of independent, industry experts, AXELOS will be providing entrants with a list of tasks, along with practical guidance on how to successfully complete them in order to start people out on their journey of ITSM improvement. The purpose AXELOS’s objective... 

Agile CSI: continual service improvement done right

Don’t worry. I am not going to rant on about hypothetical methods or visionary statements. I will not explain why agile is important for the ITSM industry, nor will I explain why agility is crucial for business survival. After all, these are no-brainers, right? I will only use your valuable time to illustrate a practical experience on implementing continual service improvement (CSI), the agile way. In... 

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