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Scrum vs Kanban

Is this an Alligator or Crocodile? Read this article to find out (Oh… and you might learn about Kanban and Scrum too!) What are the differences between Scrum and Kanban anyway? When you’re studying two similar animals from different species – I don’t know, lets use crocodiles and alligators – it’s easier to spot the similarities than the differences. I’ll give you one now... 

Supplier Relationship Management – An emerging capability in the ITSM toolbox

"Development opportunities can be completely missed because the two organizations have not properly explored how to grow together, indeed contractor enthusiasm may be misinterpreted as land grabbing." Paul Mallory is VP Europe and Africa for the IACCM, with responsibility for member services, training and certification and research. The recent article on the role that SLAs play in the relationship... 

Product Group Tests

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