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Guerilla ITSM: When management doesn't care

What should you do if management does not care? resign or stay and fight? What if no one cares? No matter where you turn for enlightenment or support when starting an ITSM journey, one of the first things you learn is that management support is essential, if not fundamental, to succeed. You only need to scan some LinkedIn groups or other forums scouting for questions like the ones I ask all the time: “Where... 

Stepping Out of The Shadows to Contribute

"Where do I find the answers to my boss’ stupid questions?" I’m a newbie when it comes to IT Service Management. Haven’t been around long and don’t have a great deal of experience in this area. As many of us inexperienced but eager people do, I read blogs, discussion forums, Twitter streams, LinkedIn groups and try to absorb as much valuable information as possible. And it’s marvelous... 

Product Group Tests

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