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Crossover Podcast: Episode 7 – ITSM versus ITAM

Episode 7 is the first in a series of crossover podcasts between The ITSM Review and The ITAM Review. Co-hosted by analysts Rebecca Beach and David Foxen, ITSM versus ITAM includes guests from each side of the divide: Rory Canavan (SAM Charter) Vawns Murphy Guest (Virgin Media) Agenda: Why are ITSM and ITAM so separate? Why Asset Management is so important to ITSM ITSM Solutions…Do they really... 

Change Management: Responding to a Crisis

Keep Calm… One of the things that isn’t covered as much as it should be is how to respond to a crisis directly linked to Change activity. This is one of those things where despite your Change process, despite your sparkly toolset and fab policies & work instructions, something has gone pear-shaped on a massive scale and you’re staring down the barrel of a Change Management related crisis. Here... 

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