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"IT needs to stop waiting for the sky to fall in" – Ian Aitchison (Video)

This interview was filmed at the Pink Elephant Conference and features Ian Aitchison, ITSM Product Director at LANDESK discussing the current challenges faced in IT service management, along with the need for IT to stop always focusing on the negatives. In Summary In addition, Ian also talks about: Shadow IT IT needing to better engage with the business The ITSM community How LANDESK interacts... 

Patrick Bolger talks "why we have to do Agile NOW"

Patrick Bolger, Chief Evangelist at Hornbill Service Management, provides a summary of his presentation for the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition entitled “The Good, the Bad, and the Agile”. Patrick discusses the need for Agile, it’s benefits, and why it’s not just for software development. He also looks at how the IT landscape has changed in the past decade – it was once... 

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