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The Top Five Worries for IT Service Managers

What keeps you up at night? This article has been contributed by Teon Rosandic, VP EMEA at xMatters. What keeps you up at night? People love to ask business leaders this question. You can find the worries for IT service managers in the headlines of your favorite news sources every day. IT service managers have to contend with everything from routine service tickets to critical connectivity outages.... 

The 2014 ITSM Tools Universe

2014 ITSM Tools Universe: Runners, riders, market share and market focus for the whole ITSM Tools market Please note that we are no longer accepting entries to be part of this report. Today we kick off our 2014 ITSM Tools Universe research in which we will be looking at the multitude of tools out there that claim to help with the management of Information Technology Services; from one function tools... 

Expanding Customer Service To Twitter

“Providing quick, engaging and valuable support to your customers on Twitter can build a positive brand image and reduce cost. Twitter takes less time, and money and offers your company the ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.” Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog userMore Posts  Read More →

Twelve IT Helpdesks For Under $1,000

Say What You See ITSM folklore states that the helpdesk software market is heavily oversaturated. Companies don’t suddenly discover the need for an IT helpdesk – it is a replacement market. That may be the case for large enterprises, but this overlooks the enormous market of small and growing businesses. In the UK for example the Federation of Small Businesses claims that 99% of UK business activity... 

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